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About Therapy

By coming to personal therapy, you may be seeking to find relief and gain insight into the obstacles which might be blocking your path to health and happiness. Whatever your circumstances, therapy can be the first step in an empowering journey of self-awareness and transformational change. By shedding light on blind spots and working with you to overcome inner resistance, I can help you move forward equipped with the strategies you need to thrive.

Therapy offers a safe, confidential place where you can talk about your relationships and emotions or difficult events in your life which you wish to make sense of. Or you might have unhelpful or negative thoughts and behaviours that you want to change. You don't have to be in crisis to have therapy.

Please eMail or call me. I can offer you a free 15 minute introductory call or a reduced fee 30 minute introductory session.

What we talk about will vary depending on the problem you want help with. It could include: 

Every therapist works in a different way. At the introductory session, I will start by asking you about the difficulties you are experiencing. I offer a safe and confidential space where you will feel respected, understood and valued. 

Once we have both decided whether we are a ‘good fit’, we can agree a mutual way of working together and we can plan how therapy will work for you. How many sessions you have, will depend on your individual circumstances. 

How It Works

We will usually have a number of scheduled, regular sessions lasting for around 50 minutes. This time will be yours every week. We can then begin to engage in a supportive, collaborative process. I suggest an initial commitment of 12 sessions, after which we can review our work and decide how to proceed. However, you can stay in therapy for as long as you wish. 

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a joint one-to-one process between me, the therapist, and a you, the client. You may be seeking therapy for help with issues that are hard to face alone. The process is supportive, confidential and collaborative. People enter therapy for many reasons, from anxiety, stress, or depression to trauma and bereavement. Still others are curious to discover more about themselves and keen to enrich their relationships and inner lives.

Many people find they enjoy the therapeutic journey of becoming more self-aware and report improved conditions long after therapy has ended. When attending therapy, it is important that you are willing to be open and honest. As trust develops, I will be better able to help and support you. Coming to therapy might feel difficult on some days. It is important to attend each session so that we can talk about the reasons you are experiencing difficulties. Being patient and sticking to the plan can facilitate long-term success in therapy. 

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How can I help you?

Some of the difficulties that I can help with are:

feeling sad
loss of meaning and purpose
relationship and marriage
family problems
divorce/divorce adjustment

adjusting to change 
life transitions 
people pleasing 
attachment and abandonment 
addiction and compulsion 
drug and alcohol misuse

low self-confidence 
feelings of inferiority 
loss and grief 
midlife crisis 

Please eMail or call me. I can offer you a free 15 minute introductory call or a reduced fee 30 minute introductory session.

More information on all these issues can be found here:

My Philosophy

I am an Integrative counsellor/therapist practising in Kensington, South West London and Ibiza, Spain. I uphold equal opportunities and I respect difference.

My core way of working is Humanistic, where I aim to embody a non-directive, empathic approach that empowers and motivates individuals in the therapeutic process. This approach is based on the belief that every human being strives for and has the capacity to fulfil his or her own potential.

The past affects the present, so I integrate the Psychodynamic approach to my way of working. I aim to help individuals review emotions, thoughts, early-life experiences, and beliefs in order to gain insight into their lives and their present-day problems, which may be preventing them from moving forwards. The therapeutic relationship is central to psychodynamic therapy, as it can demonstrate how a person interacts with their friends and loved ones.

The Transpersonal model gives attention to a person's potential for the Future and aspires to a higher nature, such as compassion, altruism, intuition and creativity. It’s emphasis is on finding meaning and purpose in life and the therapy process allows for that discovery. This technique encourages a person to see their inner capabilities and view themselves as in the process of reaching a state of contentment and wholeness, acknowledging that unhelpful character traits shroud our true essence. This approach sees each individual as unique and valued and is focused towards becoming fully integrated.

My aim is to suffuse my Integrative approach with ways to access positive influences in order to reach full potential, whilst acknowledging that the past informs the present. The arc of therapy is a process, not an event.

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Life can only be understood backwards,
but it must be lived forwardsSoren Kierkegaard (1844) - Danish Philosopher